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WorldCat Discovery API

The WorldCat Discovery API provides libraries with the ability to search and find resources in WorldCat and the central index. Access to this beta API is limited to a select number of libraries using WorldCat Discovery Services.
Base URL
API Resource & Methods Description Path HTTP Method
Bibliographic Resource
Search Search for bibs /bib/search?q=economy&dbIds=638 GET
Read Read a specific bibliographic record /bib/data/41266045 GET
Database Resource
List Provides a list of databases configured for the institution in use. /database/list GET
Read Provides descriptive information about the specified database. /database/data/638 GET
Offer Resource
Search Search offers using parameters /offer/oclc/474685432?lat=41.310808&lon=-105.590324&unit=M&distance=100 GET
Read Retrieve offers (holdings) for a given OCLC number. /offer/oclc/474685432 GET