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WMS NCIP Patron Profile (OPAC)

A Web service to handle common library user-facing functions based on the industry standard NCIP functionality. This profile is designed to support user self service within a web application such as a discovery tool.
Base URL
API Resource & Methods Description Path HTTP Method
RenewItem Allows an user to renew an item checkout to themselves /circ-patron POST
RequestItem Allow a user to place a request for an item for themselves. Requests include "holds" /circ-patron POST
UpdateRequestItem Allow a user to update one of their requests for an item. Requests include "holds". /circ-patron POST
CancelRequestItem Allow a user to cancel one of their requests for an item. Requests includes "holds". /circ-patron POST
LookupUser Read a user's account information such as materials checked out, holds and fines. Does not include personal information about user such as name, email address, telephone number or address. /circ-patron POST