API Explorer

WMS Circulation API

A read-only Web service for the Circulation module of OCLC WorldShare Management Services, the WMS Circulation API lets library staff generate a pull list for materials.
Base URL
API Resource & Methods Description Path HTTP Method
Forward Forward a hold to other libraries /circ/requests/holds/{identifier}/forward PUT
Pull Pull and item for a hold or schedule /circ/items/{identifier}/routings/pulls POST
Inventory Inventory an Item /circ/items/{identifier}/routings/inventories POST
Non Loan Return - Soft Checkout Count in-house usage on an item /circ/items/{identifier}/routings/usages POST
Read An Atom document containing information about the file for a specific notification. Include a byte screen for the PDF file /circ/notification/get?id={file-id} GET
Search Search for notifications and retrieve an Atom feed of notifications matching the search criteria /circ/notification?from={YYYYMMDDHHmm} GET
Read Get an Atom feed of items within a pulllist for a specific branch /circ/pulllist/{branchID} GET