API Explorer

WMS Acquisitions- Invoices, Budgets and Funds

A read-write Web service for the Acquisitions module of OCLC WorldShare Management Services so library staff can get invoices for materials they'd like to acquire. Provides developer-level access to invoice, budget and funding data. Only read functionality demonstrated in API Explorer.
Base URL
API Resource & Methods Description Path HTTP Method
Read Read budget information from WMS Acquisitions /budget/data/{budgetID} GET
Read Read a single fund associated with specific budget from WMS Acquisitions /fund/data/{fundID} GET
Read by Fund Number Read a number based on its fund number /fund/data/{budgetId}-{fundcode} GET
Search Search for funds based on either parentFundNumber or budgetPeriodNumber /fund/search?q={query} GET
Read Read an Invoice from WMS Acquisitions /invoice/data/{invoiceID} GET
Update Update an Invoice /invoice/data/{invoiceID} PUT
Search Search for Invoices within WMS Acquisitions /invoice/search?q={query} GET
Pay Pay an Existing Invoice /invoice/pay/{invoiceID} PUT
Prepare Prepare and Invoice to be Paid /invoice/prepare/{invoiceID} PUT
Open Open an Invoice /invoice/open/{invoiceID} PUT
Read Read Invoice Items from WMS Acquisitions /invoiceitem/data/{invoiceItemID} GET
Search Search for invoice items /invoiceitem/search?q={query} GET
Create Create an invoice Item /invoiceitem/data POST
Update Update an Invoice Item /invoiceitem/data/{invoiceItemID} PUT
Delete Delete and Invoice Item /invoiceitem/data/{invoiceItemID} DELETE