API Explorer

WMS Acquisitions

A read-write Web service for the Acquisitions module of OCLC WorldShare Management Services so library staff can create, update, delete and submit orders and get invoices for materials they'd like to acquire. Provides developer-level access to order, invoice, budget and funding data. Only read functionality demonstrated in API Explorer.
Base URL
API Resource & Methods Description Path HTTP Method
Read Read purchase order information from WMS Acquisitions /purchaseorders/{purchaseorderID} GET
Search Search for purchase orders within WMS Acquisitions /purchaseorders?{query} GET
Read Read a purchase order copy associated with an order item from a particular order /purchaseorders/{orderID}/item/{itemID}/copy/{copyID} GET
Read Read a single purchase order item from an order in WMS Acquisitions /purchaseorders/{orderID}/item/{itemID} GET
Search Search purchase order items related to a specific order in WMS Acquisitions /purchaseorders/{orderID}/items GET