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Access to linked names for the same entity across the world's major name authority files, including national and regional variations in language, character set, and spelling.
Base URL
API Resource & Methods Description Path HTTP Method
Authority Cluster
Identify The Identify operation provides the Linked Data Uniform Resource Identifier for the entity described by the authority. /viaf/102333412 GET
Get Data Returns Authority Cluster data in xml format based on the supplied VIAF Identifier. /viaf/102333412/ GET
Get Data In Format Append a format specifier to the path. /viaf/102333412/rdf.xml GET
Translate LCCN ID Translate a Library of Congress Control Number to a VIAF URI. /viaf/lccn/n79032879 GET
Translate Source ID Translate a SourceID (identifier for an original source record at a specific institution) to a VIAF URI. /viaf/sourceID/DNB%7c1034425390 GET
SRU Search Search for records where the authority includes the terms "Jane+Austen" and return RSS. /viaf/search?query=cql.any+=+"Jane Austen"&maximumRecords=5&httpAccept=application/json GET
SRU Browse Browse for LCCN "n2001-50284" /viaf/search/viaf?scanClause=local.LCCN+exact+"n2001-50284"&responsePosition=10&maximumTerms=20 GET
Auto Suggest Suggest Authority Terms based on a text passed in a query. /viaf/AutoSuggest?query=austen GET
Authority Source
Read The Authority file that was contributed by the national library /processed/BNF|12037720 GET
SRU Search Search Authority Source records by SRU indexes. /processed/search/processed?query=local.personalName+all+"jane+austen" &recordSchema=info:srw/schema/1/briefmarcxml-v1.1&maximumRecords=5&httpAccept=text/xml GET
SRU Browse Browse Authority Source records by SRU indexes. /processed/search/processed?operation=scan&scanClause=local.personalName exact+"austen,+jane+"&responsePosition=10&maximumTerms=20 GET